Tim Liu

Mr. Tim Liu joined SBCVC in November, 2009 as a Managing Partner. He brings with him a rich set of experiences in corporation management, portfolio investment, successful entrepreneurship, and extensive knowledge in various technology fields. Tim has extensive work experience in Europe, Asia, and North America.
Prior to joining SBCVC, Tim was Executive Vice President of Tsinghua TongFang Corp, a Shanghai listed high technology conglomerate, and Founder and General Manager of TongFang’s Digital Media Group. He invested and managed an extensive portfolio of companies with business covering IT, new media, internet, broadcasting services, telecommunication and information technologies equipments, distant learning, consumer and retailing, military and heavy industrial equipment manufacturing. Prior to Tsinghua TongFang, Tim’s experiences include Principle Scientist at Broadcom Corp., founder of Nextwave communications Corp. Before that, Tim worked at RCA Labs, Samsung Advanced Media Labs and Siemens Corporate R&D Center, Munich. At these various positions, his engineering accomplishments include over 20 US and European patents and numerous products adopted widely by markets worldwide, especially in the field of digital television.
Tim graduated from Xi’an Jiao Tong University with honor, majored in electrical engineering. He was among a selected few to continue his master and doctorate studies at Northwest Telecommunications Institute in Xi’an.