At SBCVC, we are continuously investigating the best new companies and the brightest ideas. We focus primarily on companies in their early and growth stage.

Our investment size depends on the stage of the company and the total amount raised, but we are generally the lead investor and look to own a sizeable piece of the company post-financing (20%~30% is typical.) We invest as little as $500k or as much as $10 million or more.

If you have a company that you believe fits our criteria, we encourage you to submit it for consideration. Here is the process for working with our fund 

Step 1: Create an Effective Executive Summary

An effective Executive Summary is typically one to two pages long and answers the following eleven questions: 
1) What is your business? 
2) What is your business model (primary source of revenue)? 
3) What need are you fulfilling or what problem are you solving? 
4) Who are your competitors?
5) Who are your customers? 
6) What is the status of your development? 
-- Idea stage 
-- Development stage 
-- Product or service available to customers 
-- Have raised some revenue 
-- Have raised significant revenue and are looking to ramp up business 
7) How much money are you looking to raise? 
8) What is your target valuation? 
9) Who are your current investors? 
10) Where are you headquartered? 
11)Management Team Introduction




Step 2: Executive Summary Submission

Please Email your Executive Summary or business plan to and we have dedicated personnel handling this account.



Step 3: Review Process

Once we receive the executive summary, we review it, as well as your website if it is functional, and discuss the findings. 
If the summary and website do seem to be a potential fit, you may be asked for a face to face meeting with us, or eventually the entire SB China Capital team for review. Generally, the whole team must vote final approval on any investment. 
The process of executive summary submission and review takes approximately two to four weeks depending upon workload.



Step 4: Term Sheets and Funding

In the event that your plan is accepted, a term sheet will be offered to you. After agreement has been reached on the term sheet, it takes three to four weeks to complete the legal documents, legal due diligence, and receive your funding.


Helpful Tips

To make sure your plan gets the best review possible, make sure your company meets the listed criteria and that your plan is short, to the point, and covers the ten points listed. 
>Review our portfolio - we do not fund competitors. 
>Know your competitive landscape. 
>Make sure your financial numbers make sense. 
>Many plans will be rejected immediately. Don't take it personally. To find out why, read on... 
>Common Reasons Plans Are Rejected 
>Insufficient expertise -- the product or service lies outside our focus 
>Money being raised and/or valuation does not fit in our portfolio for 'balance' reasons 
>We do not enough expertise in your space