Four SBCVC Portfolio Companies Fall within 2018 Forbes China Non-Listed Up-and-Comers

Forbes China recently released the "2018 Forbes China Non-Listed Up-and-Comers", including four companies that SBCVC has invested in: Shanghai KingYee Technology Co., Ltd. (KYEE), Shanghai MouLe Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Bugbank), Sichuan Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (Moerlong) and Suzhou Haowu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Haowu).

Forbes China said that it intended to discover more quality up-and-comers by this list. It selected the enterprises with business revenues ranging between CNY10 million to 1 billion in 2017, and the profitability in both 2016 and 2017 was a must.

As for region, among the non-listed enterprises, Beijing boasts the largest proportion, i.e., 22%, while Shanghai and Guangdong rank second (20%) and third (18%) respectively in terms of the number. As for sector, the IT sector remains at the top position with a proportion of 30%, followed by non-daily-life consumption goods (28%), finance (14%) and industry (14%).

According to Forbes China, an increasing number of medium- and small-sized technology enterprises in China emerge and propel Chinese economy forward. Forbes China has analyzed that each SME must consider how to find the right talents to upgrade its team as the labor cost keeps increasing; facing the changeable competition landscapes and mushrooming focuses, it should maintain the industry sensitivity and make the right analysis and decision; and in the context of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, it should find the most appropriate way for business and discover the hidden chance to confront the potential challenges, guarantee its competitiveness and improve its strength.

Most of the non-listed up-and-comers chosen this year come from the IT sector.

Below is the full list of non-listed companies in no particular order.