SBCVC Shines on 36Kr's ‘Best Venture Capital/Investor Voted by Entrepreneurs’ Lists

36Kr launched the ‘Investment Institution Survey’ in March this year, focusing on the performance of institutional investment and investors from 2018 to 2021 (3+1), from which 36Kr's ‘2022 Best Venture/Investor Voted by Entrepreneurs’ was selected.

36Kr's "2022 Best Venture/Investor Voted by Entrepreneurs" list was announced on the evening of June 22. SBCVC was continuously awarded the ‘2022 Top30 Best Venture Voted by Entrepreneurs’ and Dr. Peter Hua, Managing Partner of SBCVC, was awarded the "2022 Top100 Best Investor Voted by Entrepreneurs".

The list was made by 36Kr Venture Institute to find and discover VC role models who deserve to be seen.

36Kr Venture Capital Institute conducted an extensive survey of founders on their ideal investors, with S-level young entrepreneurs as the core in project X·36under36 launched on early June. From their responses, 36Kr outlined the top five topics entrepreneurs are most concerned about when choosing an organization: industry understanding, industry layout, post-investment services, reasonable valuation and decision-making process.

SBCVC will continue to escort entrepreneurs with its professional knowledge and rich experience, and meet the challenges of our time to live up to the recognition of entrepreneurs.