SBCVC and 17 portfolio companies included on 2022 Future Healthcare VB100

2022 Future Healthcare VB100 series lists were announced on June 15, among which SBCVC together with its 17 portfolio companies were listed.

Founded in 2015, the Future Healthcare VB100 list is the first domestic innovative healthcare list for non-listed companies launched by VB100, and VCBeat Research, aiming to select Chinese innovative healthcare players who truly represent the future of healthcare, discover the core strength of China's future healthcare industry, and promote the process of innovative changes in the healthcare industry., the organizer, said, ‘In the sixth year of VB100, we take the Chinese story as the basic perspective, the local innovation that happened in China and the new solutions to the world's problems brought by China's local innovation as the narrative vein, through the main characters of the Chinese story to convey the story of China's life science industry.’

'We are pleasantly surprised to see that a large number of innovative products with international competitiveness have emerged in the golden track in the context of domestic substitution of medical devices; local pharmaceutical companies are becoming increasingly mature in R&D and are developing strategies and action plans for going abroad according to their actual situation. They are overtaking and catching up and the world is taking a new perspective on the identity and contribution of China's explosive innovation in international innovation.'