Eight Portfolios of SBCVC Rank among 2018 Future Healthcare 100 Lists

On December 18-19, 2018, “2018 Future Healthcare 100 Forum” was held in Beijing by vcbeat.net, China’s leading healthcare media platform. Witnessed by over 2,500 domestic and overseas authorities in healthcare industry, vcbeat.net released the "2018 Future Healthcare 100 Forum List" and its sub-lists.

Eight portfolio companies under SBCVC are placed on the “2018 Future Healthcare 100 Forum List” and its sub-lists, including:

China’s Top 100 Healthcare Companies
Ankon, Taimei, Kyee, 12 SIGMA and MaMiZhiDao

China’s Top 30 Health Service Rankings

Segmented fields:
Top 5 Chinese Pediatric Clinics
Top 5 Chinese Consumption Gene Enterprises 23mofang
Top 5 Chinese Microorganism Enterprises New Horizon Health

On December 19, 2018, in the “Future Healthcare 100 Super-unicorns” forum, ,Dr. Huan Dandan, Vice-president of Ankon Medical Technologies, was invited as the representative of “super-unicorns“ to deliver a keynote speech.

>>>> Statement of vcbeat.net

Born in the great era of exploring the Future Healthcare trend, we expect new technological breakthroughs and innovations as well as exploration and improvements of models to contribute to the future of human health.

As the observer and recorder of the industry, vcbeat.net hopes to look at social transformation, economic fluctuation and consumption evolution from a point of view of China and even the whole world, and to observe and explore the direction of the medical and health industry transformation from a wider perspective. "Future Healthcare 100 Forum List" aims to select those Chinese innovative medical enterprises representing Future Healthcare, and to discover the core forces of the future Chinese medical industry, thus promoting the innovation and transformation of the medical and health industry.

In 2018, after preliminary selection, review and approval, the "Future Healthcare 100 Forum List" determined the most promising enterprises in the segmented medical and health fields. It is intended to provide the benchmark for innovative enterprises, the guidance for investment institutions and the value for audiences.