SBCVC Managing Partner Chauncey Shey Ranks 2nd on Forbes China’s 2018 Top Investors in China, SBCVC among the Top 3 of China's Best VC Firms

SBCVC has continuously scored a success on Forbes China’s lists of top Chinese venture capitalists and venture capital firms. On December 12, 2018, Forbes China released the latest 2018 lists.

This year, Chauncey Shey, SBCVC Managing Partner, ranks 2nd of the 2018 Top 100 Chinese Venture Capitalists, and SBCVC Managing Partner Dr. Perter Hua ranks 33rd on the same list. SBCVC takes the third place on the list of the 2018 Top 30 Chinese Venture Capital Firms.

SBCVC Managing Partner Chauncey Shey ranks 2nd of the 2018 Top 100 Chinese Venture Capitalists. A feature story on him is included in the latest issue of the Forbes magazine.

It has been more than 10 years for Forbes China to present the list of "Top Chinese Venture Capitalists". This year, Forbes China once again appraised and selected the top venture capitalists, venture capital firms, and PE firms in China in 2018. Following the previous rating principles, this selection focuses on the exit projects and performances in the last five years.

According to Forbes China, among the 100 venture capitalists on the list, 92 are male and 8 female. In terms of age, these investors are mainly aged from 40 to 59. Investment is a comprehensive industry with all-round requirements. To engage in this industry, investors must have enough experience and knowledge. This explains why the majority of these investors are within the above age range.

TMT, Internet, AI, and Big Data are major investment sectors that are frequently mentioned. Compared with previous Forbes China lists featuring hot sectors, the 2018 lists doesn't see particularly large hot sectors, but shows some increasingly evident signs of capital downturn.

After several years of explosive growth, the VC and PE sectors are being reshuffled on the basis of survival of the fittest. The depressed secondary market has affected the exit of the primary market and the enthusiasm of investors. In this situation, the LPs become more cautious about investment, accompanied by increasingly intense industry competition and higher resource concentration.

According to Forbes China, the year 2018 marks a critical turning point, because after fierce competition, the venture capital industry have undergone an inflection point ruled by Pareto principle. Previous investment funds of most venture capital firms enter the exit window period, but the concentrated exit does not means the arrival of concentrated harvest.

Today, despite the increasingly evident signs of capital downturn, leading investment institutions can still raise funds. This is mainly be attributed to their track records of excellent investment performance, their precise command of track trends and their forward-looking judgments. Additionally, tightened liquidity poses a challenge to not only investment institutions but also projects eager for financing in the capital market. After the difficult time comes, the valuation bubble will not no longer exist, and funds can but go to those really potential portfolio companies.

Forbes China says that, besides customarily enjoying dividends, investment institutions and investors should emphasize the quality accumulation. Only in this way can the venture capital industry constantly grow stronger in changing conditions, really assist enterprises in financing, and boost the transformation and upgrade of the industry.

Here are the lists: