Three SBCVC Portfolio Companies Included in Hurun’s Unicorn List

Recently, Hurun Research Institute, a global leading rich list compiler, released “Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index 2018 Q3”. The list, based on the definition of “unicorn” in the capital market, included 34 outstanding companies with external financing and over US$1 billion in estimated value as of September 30, 2018. Among the newly listed unicorn companies were three portfolio companies of SBCVC. They are Shanghai Ankon Medical Technologies Co., Ltd., ProLogium Corporation and Beijing Moviebook Technology Corporation Limited.

[CHART]34 newly listed unicorn companies on Hurun Greater China 2018 Q3 list

The list includes a total of 181 unicorn companies in Greater China, among which, 34 are new unicorn companies. 11 companies withdrew from the list due to completion of IPO or merger with other companies. The overall estimated value totals more than 4.8 trillion yuan. In terms of geographical distribution, Beijing has 76 companies on the list, ranking 1st again and accounting for 42% of the total number. Shanghai and Hangzhou rank second and third, with the number of unicorn companies being 41 and 20, respectively. Shenzhen ranks fourth with 16 companies.

In terms of industry, the Internet service industry remains on top of the list with 45 companies, accounting for 25% of the total number. 21 and 20 unicorn companies, respectively, are from the Internet finance industry and the e-commerce industry. 17 companies are from the medical health industry, and 15 from the culture and entertainment industry. Compared with last quarter’s list, the new retail industry and the energy industry, respectively contributing two and one enterprise, are newly added to this list. ProLogium Corporation, an SBCVC-invested company, is the only new energy company on the list.

In the past few years, SBCVC has paved its way in areas such as healthcare, AI and new energy, focusing on companies that can create greater value for society. The three recognized companies are best showcases from these areas. SBCVC believes that investing in high-quality unicorn companies can bolster China's economic industry, which reflects the value investment philosophy that SBCVC consistently adheres to. Hu Run, Chairman and Chief Researcher of Hurun Report, said, "Investors have contributed greatly to the value enhancement of the unicorn companies."

After nearly 10 years of independent R&D, Ankon Medical’s “Magnetic-control Capsule Gastroscope Robot” has been successfully launched. The robot has achieved the human’s dream of conducting gastroscope examination with a non-intubation way. Simply by swallowing a pill-sized gastroscope capsule to be accurately controlled by doctors, and with just 15 minutes of gastroscopy examination, a complete image acquisition of the human stomach system can be achieved with a painless, noninvasive, non-anesthetic, no blind ends, no cross-infection method. The check is easy, accurate, safe, and has been a standard clinical recommendation for gastroscopy in China. It is of great significance for the early screening of gastric cancer in China. At present, Ankon Medical’s “Magnetic-control Capsule Gastroscope Robot” has been widely used in nearly 1,000 medical institutions nationwide.

ProLogium is a world-renowned R&D maker of chips of solid-state lithium batteries. It was founded in 2006 and now has offices in Taipei and Shanghai. Over the past 12 years, ProLogium has been deeply involved in the new energy industry. It owns 100% exclusive patents and has 106 established and 71 pending patents around the world. ProLogium products are ground-breaking in lithium battery technology concerning battery appearance, and technique. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and solid electrolyte are boldly adopted, which has helped achieve thinning out, flexibility, and safety. The dangers of leakage, fire, and explosion are out of the question. High flexibility in product design is also achieved. In 2017, Weltmeister, a brand of new energy smart vehicle, and ProLogium reached a strategic cooperation. In addition to working together to produce the world's first new energy electric vehicle with lithium ceramic battery, they will also establish a mass production line of 5GWh capacity with joint venture, which is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of 2019. This cooperation marks ProLogium’s determination of entering the electric vehicle market.

Beijing Moviebook Technology is a leading company in visual technology and intelligent imaging manufacturing in China. It is dedicated to the AI+ entertainment industry and aims at providing commercial service for AI image scenes in the segments of the entertainment industry, including the Internet, movies, videos, etc., by virtue of its unique advantages in the fields of computer vision, video structure, deep learning, big data, video advertising, interactive technology of network video, etc. The technical service for the video industry chain will produce value-added income for the Internet industrial chain ranging from the source of production to the channel broadcasting, open up the closed loop of monetization in the image industry, and develop the multidimensional application value of visual technology to expand the business boundaries. As of 2017, Moviebook had completed the construction of 446 million seconds of engineering processing and provided technical services for hundreds of customers, nearly 1,000 brands and 150,000 video products. Through the grasp of the core data in vertical industries of video structuring, Moviebook has established itself into a leading company in the commercialization of AI vision technology in China.

Hu Run said, “181 unicorn companies are quite considerable. I think China has outnumbered the United States and produced the most unicorn companies in the world. Considering the slowdown of the Chinese economy, these new economy-based unicorn companies are the fastest growing ones that have the most potential for large-scale development in the future.”