Ankon and Dingdang Medicine Express Listed as 2018 Top 10 Outstanding China Makers

On November 8, “Wuzhen Makers Night”, sponsored by The Beijing News, was successfully completed during the World Internet Conference.

Wu Tienan, Director of the Planning and Finance Bureau of the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, Sheng Yongjun, Party Secretary of Tongxiang, Ni Guangnan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Hai, Chairman of China Internet Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Li Xiaoqiang, President of China Internet Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Lu Wei, Secretary-General of Internet Society of China, and Dai Zigeng, Founder of Born for Maker! and President of Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. were present at the event. Dr. Song Anlan, Managing Partner of SBCVC, was invited as a special guest to present awards to the Top 50 China Makers in 2018.

The event also announced the Top 10 Outstanding China Makers. SBCVC invested companies, including Shanghai Ankon Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. and Dingdang Medicine Express (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., were on the list.

Ankon Medical

● Awarding Speech

A capsule-sized robot capable of going into human body has enabled a 15-minute new gastroscopy examination, omitting pain, anesthetic, and the suffering from inserting a stomach tube. Scientific and technological innovation has empowered the medical reform and started a new page of healthcare life.

Ni Guangnan (right), Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Sheng Yongjun (left), Party Secretary of Tongxiang, presented award to Ji Pengsong (middle), Chairman of Ankon Medical.

● Acceptance Speech

Ji Pengsong, Chairman of Ankon Medical: Health is our greatest career

Health is our greatest career because it is the foundation of every other sort of career. Ankon Medical has been committed to health management for years. We hope that with the promotion of stomach examination technology, everyone can have access to a gastrointestinal tract examination in the most comfortable way whenever they like. We need to be responsible for ourselves, for our families, and for society. Our goal is to serve all people with our products.

●Industry: Medical Health

●Main product: Ankon NaviCam “Magnetic-control Capsule Gastroscope Robot”, consisting of four hardware devices: magnetic field control device, capsule endoscope, portable recorder and capsule positioner. Utilizing principles concerning magnetic field and induction, the magnetic field control device connects to the capsule swallowed and controls the movement of the capsule in the body through the control device. The image is directly presented on the display screen and the data can be saved in real time.

Dingdang Medicine Express

● Awarding Speech

28-minute delivery, a mission seemingly impossible, has been made possible by them. They have self-operating offline chain pharmacies and professional ready-to-serve medicine distribution teams. They apply their years of industry experience and Internet thinking to the medicine retail industry, and has thus found the secret to profiting in this field of low-frequency yet rigid demand.

Yu Minhong (left), Advisor of China Maker, Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group and Founding Partner of Aplus Fund, presented award to Yang Wenlong (right), Founder and Chairman of Dingdang Medicine Express.

●Acceptance Speech

Yang Wenlong, Founder and Chairman of Dingdang Medicine Express: Future service will combine medicine delivery and medical care

Dingdang Medicine Express is my second start-up. I’ve experienced both the traditional age and the Internet age. In the traditional age, I started Renhe Pharmacy, which purchases, supplies and sells medicines in a traditional way. In the Internet age, as an entrepreneur, I feel obligated to embrace the Internet. The health care industry is special because we must comply with the relevant laws and regulations and provide the best service at the same time. I am sure that, in the future, Dingdang Medicine Express will provide the best service through the Internet. We will also be running a doctor service platform, and thus improve our ability to meet consumer needs through combination of medicine delivery and medical care service.

●Industry: Medical Health

●Main product: Two business segments including online Dingdang platform and offline Dingdang smart pharmacy, providing health care services such as 7 × 24 hours service, 28-minute home delivery, around-the-clock online guidance offered by professional pharmacists, etc.

●Founder: Yang Wenlong, Founder and Chairman of Dingdang Medicine Express and Chairman of Renhe Group.

●Financing status: In January 2018, it received the strategic investment of hundreds of millions RMB from SBCVC.

The complete list of the 2018 Top 10 Outstanding China Maker: Ankon Medical, Dingdang Medicine Express, 5Lmeet, Huohua, Luckin Coffee,, Dtwave, Beijing Sky City Film, Video++ and Peilian.