SBCVC Managing Partner Ranks No.1 of the "Top Venture Capitalists" Published by Forbes China

Forbes China has published the lists of "Top Venture Capitalists" and "Top Venture Capital Firms/PE Firms" of the Year 2017. SBCVC Managing Partner Chauncey Shey ranks No.1 of "Top Venture Capitalists" and SBCVC is among the top three of "Top Venture Capital Firms".

"Forbes China Top Venture Capitalists" was launched more than a decade ago for the purpose of discovering the most sharp-eyed and competent investors that created fruitful returns. Owing to its quantitative and independent considerations, the list serves as the barometer of venture capital sector. As the investors are flooding to VC and PE this year, Forbes China has once again elected the top venture capitalists, venture firms and PE firms in China. The previous rating principle has been followed with focus on the exit projects and performances over the past five years (from 2013 to August 2017).

This year, for the first time, Forbes China has expanded the list of "Top Venture Capitalists" from top 50 people to top 100, hoping that the expanded list could better reflect both productive senior capitalists and emerging newcomers.

Chauncey Shey ranks No.1 of 2017 "Forbes China Top Venture Capitalists" due to his successful investment in Alibaba, Best Logistics, OCJ, Digital Domain, etc.

Chauncey Shey founded SBCVC in 2000. Over the past 17 years engaged in venture capital investment, he remained at the frontline of the industry and broadcasted his investment concept of "Create Value for Society". "Concentrate on social value, stand on technology and product, and serve urban and rural people" is the investment philosophy of Chauncey Shey. As an investor, he takes delight in the process of investment and enjoys exploring new technologies to change the world.

In addition, the other two managing patterns of SBCVC are also listed, namely Dr. Peter Hua and Dr. Alan Song.

At the same time, Forbes China has released the Top 30 "Venture Capital Firms" of the year 2017. On this list, SBCVC ranks No.2, recognizing its abundant investment experience.

The VC industry has experienced a golden age over the past two years in China. As the in-depth participant and witness of venture capital investment sector, SBCVC has always been dedicated to creating value for sustainable social development.